Centre for Civil Society advances social change through public policy. CCS works in education, livelihood, and policy training promotes choice and accountability across private and public sectors. To translate policy into practice, CCS engages with policy and opinion leaders through research, pilot projects and advocacy. CCS is India’s leading liberal think tank, ranked 50 worldwide by the annual study conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania. www.ccs.in

  1. April 2015 to June 2016: Director-Operations & Outreach, Centre for Civil Society (CCS)Manoj was the member of the Senior management group of India’s leading public policy think tank. He was responsible for providing leadership in people engagement, financial management, systems, online properties and outreach activities of the Centre. Annual Report
  2. July 2010 to September 2011: Director-Programs, Centre for Civil Society (CCS)
  3. May 2009 to July 2010: Asst. Director-Programs, Centre for Civil Society (CCS)
  4. January 2008 to April 2009:  Program Manager, Centre for Civil Society (CCS)

Status: Completed