Katha, an award winning non-profit, which brings children living in poverty into reading and quality education. Over the past three decades, through its many programmes, Katha has helped over one million children help themselves out of poverty. With over 400 published titles, including quality translations of fiction for adults and children in 21 Indian and 12 foreign languages, Katha has ignited the minds of over 80,00,000 children till date.

Katha has several programmes in place to help check poverty across the country. Katha Lab School, Katha’s Slum Resurgence Initiative (SRI), Katha English Academy (KENGA)Katha School of Entrepreneurship (KSE), are some of the many programmes Katha runs to ensure the child receives holistic learning.  Katha’s I Love Reading campaign undertaken by Katha in Delhi-NCR to achieve this and now we are promoting 300 million Challenge, an initiative in creating a nation where every child reads.

THE CHALLENGE: India has 300 million children enrolled in school. About 150 million 5-10 year olds are in primary education; of which nearly 50% cannot read well. Inability of children to read at grade level hits India’s poorest the hardest, leading to entrenched poverty. If all 5-10 year old children are reading for fun and for meaning, they do well in school and are prepared to bring positive change to all, leading to sustainability for the people and the planet.

To tackle with the 300m challenge, Katha works with partners, communities and the government, and for this we are going the RIPL (Reading for Inclusive Public Learning) way, which is a social, inclusive process that brings children, youth, adults (professionals and retired people) into helping all children, ages 5-10 at first, to read well.

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